Personalized Flannel Baby Blankets

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How it works


First, go to the Photo Gallery and look through the albums. Choose your favourite blanket and decorative stitch to create your one of a kind Name Blanket.

Next, decide what you want written around the edge of your blanket, along with your chosen decorative stitch. I will need to know exactly what you want written, so please consider your options before ordering. Once I've sewn the border it cannot be unsewn.

I have usually decided which side I'd sew the name on and with which colour thread. If you do not state a preference, I'll go ahead and do whatever will complement the fabrics best. I accommodate special requests as much as possible though so tell me what you want and I'll tell you if it can be done.

Finally, fill out the Order Form and I'll start sewing once payment has been received. I accept cash, cheque and both debit and credit card PayPal payments.

Blankets can be picked-up at a mutually agreed upon location or shipped to any address, anywhere. Prices vary depending on the delivery/pick-up method and location. See the Prices page for more information.


 Wondering what to write on your blanket?

Here are some ideas for personalizing a Name Blanket for an imaginary baby named Emily Elizabeth Smith, born January 30, 2009.



2. EMILY ---------- EMILY ---------- EMILY ---------- EMILY

3. EMILY SMITH ------------ EMILY SMITH ------------ EMILY SMITH


5. EMILY ------ 01.30.09 ------ EMILY ------ 01.30.09

7. EMILY SMITH ------ JAN. 30. 2009 ------ EMILY SMITH ------ JAN. 30. 2009

8. EMILY ------ JANUARY 30. 2009 --------  EMILY ------ JANUARY 30. 2009

9. Choose a decorative stitch for around the entire border. (A great idea for those who keep the baby's sex and/or name a surprise until birth.)

I can add apostrophes and hyphens too. If you would like either of these included there is an additional fee of $5 (or $10 for a name with both a hyphen and an apostrophe).

The options are nearly endless and certainly not limited to names and birth dates.

Almost anything you want (up to 50 characters, including spaces and decorative stitches) can be written on your blanket. Contact me and we can discuss your options.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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